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We made the News

Our work with Liquor Stores North America, was featured in the Edmonton Journal on September 26, 2014.

Liquor Depot Capilano

Photograph by: John Lucas, Edmonton Journal

 Collaborating with our partner clients allows us to provide a range of solutions.  We are honoured to be a part of Liquor Stores N.A. plan to update and refresh their stores.

Contact us at 1-800-561-1951 to see how Westmount's expertise and product can find your solution!

Clean, Safe and Healthy - Matting

Fall and winter are here. How are you going to prepare for these colder months ahead?

Westmount has an excellent solution to help keep your business clean. We are partnered with Edgewood Matting and have a range of matting solutions to offer. From scrapers at the front door, to anti-fatigue mats in the store, to industrial matting in the back; Westmount has your business covered.


Our vast array entrance matting that will collect and trap the dirt, mud, and sludge that accompany fall and winter. By offering debris traps, scraper matting, and wiper mats, Westmount is your first line of defense against the moisture and dirt damage – helping to keep your business clean and dry!

debris trap

Not only does our matting provide defense against damage from the elements, but it also helps to protect your employees’ health and safety. Are your employees on their feet all day? Westmount offers an affordable treat for their knees, ankles and hips - our anti-fatigue mats can help ease the pain of standing all day, ensuring their feet, ankles, knees, and hips stay refreshed. We can assist you to keep a clean and heathy location.

antifatigue matting

To add to the health and cleanliness of your business, Westmount offers industrial matting for the back as well. The “Safety Walk” industrial matting is oil and grease resistant, while having a textured, solid top. This mat improves traction and allows debris and liquid to stay on top of mat for easy, quick cleaning.

industrial matting

By partnering with a great local company, we help to keep your business clean, healthy, and safe. From the front of your business, all the way to the back door and everything in between – Westmount has your matting solution.  Call us at 1-800-561-1951 for more information!


It may still be hot outside, but summer will only last for so long.  Before you know it, fall will be here.  Is your store going to be ready for fall?

To help you prepare, we would like to share a great solution with you!  As the Canadian distributor for Tecno Display, a premier showcase manufacturer based in California, we can offer you these exceptional display and showcases at a sensible rate.

 Tecno Banner Light Showcases

Why do you need a showcase? It is a beautiful way to add perceived value to your merchandise, while keeping it secure and safe.  Displaying your products in the most effective manner is crucial!

We offer a whole range of showcases, including wall showcases, trophy cases, pedestals, shadow boxes, and optical showcases.  All of these options can add instant class and organization to your showroom - they are practical and good-looking!

Want to find your display solution?  Better give me a call at 1-800-561-1951.

Tecno Banner Fancy

Revitalize your Store

What is an effective and efficient way to do some in-store renovations, without having to break the bank?

Well, I’m glad you asked!  We are very proud of one of our partnership with an exciting, all-Canadian company called Kostklip.  Westmount can now offer innovative shelf edge display, in-store communication, and product merchandising solutions.  Kostklip has the product to complete your end-to-end shelf edge programs; while Westmount has the expertise to help you achieve serious changes to your store, without the costly renovation.

Cleargrip small

So how can our considerable expertise and Kostklip’s great product visually and cost-effectively transform your store?


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